The Most Surreal Places You Can Actually Visit

The world is full of beautiful and mystifying places that look like they came straight from a fictional universe. Nature is capable of creating some of the most surreal locations on earth and those who are lucky enough to travel there are completely in awe of everything around them.

There’s something to marvel at on every continent such as vast and scenic islands, waterfalls taller than skyscrapers, and forests bursting with vibrant scenery. If you’re looking to take a trip unlike any other then check out these seemingly magical destinations.

What Makes The Frozen Ice Waves In Antarctica Turn Blue

a frozen wave crashing in the oceans
Wolfgang Kaehler/LightRocket via Getty Images
Wolfgang Kaehler/LightRocket via Getty Images

Although Antarctica is the most remote continent in the world it doesn’t mean that people can’t travel there. Their tourism is currently booming with many thousands of tourists visiting each year. One of the best sights to check out are the frozen ice waves.

The waves freeze when the ice compresses and traps the air out and they turn blue when sunlight passes through them. Scientist Tony Travouillon stated that it’s incredibly rare to see the blue part of the icebergs. Recently, it was reported that scientists are finding record warm water causing glaciers to melt.