Hawaii’s Best-Kept Secrets, Revealed

The Hawaiian islands are filled with magic and beauty. No matter which direction you look, water, lush mountains, and beautiful flowers are all around. Look even closer, and there are some secret spots across the islands that hold even more mystique. If you’re a visitor traveling to Hawaii, then we’ve got you covered with the places tourists aren’t aware even exist. These stops will spice up your photo gallery and have people asking where in the world you are in your comments section of Facebook or Instagram. Here are the best-kept secrets of Hawaii.

The Mermaid Cave

a cave in hawaii

Located on O’ahu’s west side, the Mermaid Cave should be on your bucket list. The cave is filled with just enough water to wade in at the right tide and offers incredible views of the ocean.

Locals want to keep this place under wraps, but some visitors have leaked its location. It’s near Kalanaiana’ole Beach Park, but accessing the Mermaid Cave isn’t easy. You’ll need to walk across sharp lava rock for access, but it’s worth it.