Traveling to NYC With Kids: The Best Things To See And Do

New York is a one of a kind place with a number of different things to do. The sheer number of activities can be overwhelming for first-time visitors to the city. And this anxiety can be exacerbated if kids come along on the trip.

The good thing is, there are a million different things in New York that can be done with kids. The city features world-class theatre, numerous museums and parks and, of course, world-class cuisine from Michelin Star restaurants to neighborhood pizza joints. Here a number of different options for families.

The Museum Of Natural History

the museum of natural history in new york
Spencer Platt/Getty Images
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

On a city block in Manhattan, stands a museum where your kids can discover entire worlds. There are a number of rooms which represent all the continents in the world and their exact habitats. From elephants to alligators to bald eagles, you can see life-size models of them all.

The Museum of Natural History also features exhibits where children can see actual fossils of giant dinosaurs or a giant blue whale or even meteorites that fell to the Earth.