The Best Celebrity Memorials You Can Visit

While no person is immortal, some of the most influential celebrities can create legacies that live on forever. And fans who may want to mourn or just thank the artist for their work will sometimes visit their memorials for inspiration or reflection.

Celebrity memorials can come in many forms. There are gravesites, of course, but there are also entire museums dedicated to beloved stars. In addition, some fans flock to residences or statues created in the celebrity’s likeness. Here are some of the most popular celebrity memorials to visit during your travels.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe's grave at Pierce Brothers Westwood Memorial Park
Paul Harris/Getty Images
Paul Harris/Getty Images

Considering the incredible legacy she left behind, it’s amazing to think that Marilyn Monroe was only alive for 36 years. The actress and model continues to be a subject of fascination of fans around the world.

There are two ways that admirers can pay tribute to Monroe. She is interred at Westwood Memorial Park’s Corridor of Memories in California. There is also a special Marilyn Monroe room at the Roosevelt Hotel, where the actress lived for two years.