Destinations That Look Like They’re Straight From A Fairy Tale

While some people travel so they can explore other cultures and experience new adventures, others like to travel so they can escape into a new destination, like you would escape into a fairy tale.

Whether you’re looking for your Prince Charming or you’re looking for the place to hold your next great duel, there’s the perfect magical backdrop somewhere in the world for you to find. You don’t have to plan a trip to Disney World to step into a storybook!

The Clock Tower, Tbilisi, Georgia

clocktower in Tbilisi Georgia
Photo Credit: Mikhail JaparidzeTASS via Getty Images
Photo Credit: Mikhail JaparidzeTASS via Getty Images

A somewhat creepy crooked clocktower seems like the perfect setting for some sort of Brothers Grimm tale that all of us would read to our children before bed for years to come.