A Cave Used As A Cold War Fallout Shelter Is Now A Million Dollar Home

After World War II ended, tension took over the United States as Americans feared that the Soviet Union may be planning an attack. The underlying fear spanned decades, from 1946 until 1991 when the Soviet Union collapsed.

Tensions were particularly high in the early 1980s on American soil after the Soviets took down NATO military aircraft during a military exercise. Fearing the worst, Americans who could afford it invested in fallout shelters that could help protect them if the Soviets were to strike. John Hay was one of them. But he didn’t want just any ordinary shelter.

He Made His Fortune In The Tea Business

Denver Post via Getty Images
Denver Post via Getty Images

Along with his business partners Mo Siegel and Peggy Clute, John Hay founded Celestial Seasonings tea company in Boulder, Colorado in 1969. It started off with the three of them gathering herbs and flowers in the Colorado mountains and selling them to local health food stores.

The company saw a lot of success and went international in 1977. John Hay thought it was wise to invest some of his share in a bomb shelter, fearing that the Soviet Union might make a move on the United States. Instead of creating the shelter where he lived in Boulder, Hay thought the safest place to escape would be in the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas.