Hidden Gems In Croatia That’ll Make You Wonder Why You Haven’t Visited Yet

Okay, first of all, this is a very affordable destination. But between its beautiful beaches with exciting snorkeling opportunities, its breathtaking national parks, and its delicious food, there really aren’t many reasons why you shouldn’t go.

Its Game of Thrones allure has increased its popularity, and more and more visitors are going every year. Better go sooner rather than later!

Beaches With Crystal Blue Water

croatia beach
Photo: @sun.sea.croatia / Instagram
Photo: @sun.sea.croatia / Instagram

Croatia is known for its pebbled beaches, which are framed with crystal clear water. One of the most well-known is Zlatni Rat, or the Golden Cape. The tip of the beach is always changing its shape thanks to the elements. However, if you’re missing out on sand, you’ll also find shallow sandy beaches like Sunj Beach on Lopud Island.