Expensive Vacations That’ll Have You Living The Lifestyle Of The Rich & Famous

If money wasn’t an issue, where would you go? Paris, Rome, or maybe a tropical vacation in the Maldives? There are many luxurious trips around the world, but they aren’t all created equal.

From the $10,205 per person Pikaia Lodge in Ecuador to the $11,000 per night villa on the north island of Seychelles, these expensive vacation destinations are a few steps up the luxury ladder.

“The Greatest Day” Trip To Antarctica Costs $14,500

For only $14,500, adventure seekers can travel from Cape Town, South Africa, all the way to Antarctica. While that price is all-inclusive, it’s only for a 24-hour excursion! That’s right, for one day and a huge chunk of change, travelers get to experience the trip of a lifetime.

Literally called “The Greatest Day” by the company White Desert, the trip includes a Gulfstream private jet, a champagne picnic prepared by a professional chef, fat bikes, a 4×4 excursion across the icy landscape, and a hike up the Nunataks, mountains that have penetrated through the glaciers.

The Post House At Post Ranch Inn Costs $4,350 Per Night

Located in Big Sur, California, The Post House at Post Ranch Inn is unlike any other vacation spot on the west coast. Perfect for a quiet getaway from the rest of the world, the Post House typically caters to a wealthier clientele since it costs around $4,350 per night.

The good news is that the cost comes with floor-to-ceiling windows for an unobstructed view of the Pacific Ocean and the Big Sur coast, a private hot tub, a wood-burning fireplace, and a fully-equipped designer kitchen for those who don’t feel like leaving the peace and quiet that comes with the hefty price of The Post House.

The Villa North Island On Seychelles Costs $11k/Night

A tropical breeze, white sandy beaches, and the sounds of crystal clear blue waves crashing along the shore. That’s what waits for the guests of The Villa North Island on Seychelles. Frequented by stars such as George Clooney and his wife Amal, the private island resort is as luxurious as it is expensive.

At around $11,000 per night, guests get to experience private beach access, coconut groves, and perfect sunrise views, all while nestled in the granite boulders of the East Beach villas. There’s even an over-sized granite bathtub in each villa! It’s the epitome of costly relaxation.

The Royal Suite At The Burj Al Arab Goes For $24k/Night

Considering The Royal Suite is located on the 25th floor of what is dubbed “the world’s only seven-star hotel,” it’s no wonder it costs $24,000 a night to stay. Located in Dubai’s iconic Burj Al Arab, The Royal Suite is bright, colorful, and, most importantly, fit for royalty.

Starting with a sweeping staircase of gold and marble that takes guests to their private elevator, the suite is two stories and features a library, office, and even an extravagant dining area. Oh, and here’s something a bit different: the master bed rotates and has a pillow menu with 13 different selections!

Chalet Zermatt Peak Runs From $66,968 – $217,646 Per Week

Overlooking the Matterhorn and the charming village of Zermatt, Switzerland, the exclusive and luxurious Chalet Zermatt Peak is just what the winter enthusiast ordered. Stretched over six floors, the hotel offers a wide variety of amenities, including two in-house massages per day, a beautiful sauna, and a Michelin-starred gourmet chef.

These aren’t bad lodgings to come back to after a long day on the slopes! Oh, and was it mentioned that there is a private candle-lit entrance for guests, with a welcome team waiting to give them all-star treatment? Depending on the season, Chalet Zermatt Peak rates can range from $66,968 to $217,646 per week.

Rwanda’s Bisate Lodge is $1,100 Per Person Per Night

Located near Rwanda’s Volcano National Park, the Bisate Lodge is something to behold. Designed after the palaces of past monarchs, it’s no wonder the price to stay in the six-villa lodge is so steep — a solid fee of $1,100 per person per night. The thing is, it’s worth it!

With a private butler, 360-degree views, complimentary private massages, and a slew of unique experiences, the Bisate Lodge’s price can’t compare to the experience. Where else is there a Guided Gorilla Safari through a volcano park, in-house researches to answer biodiversity questions, or the chance to plant a tree at Bisate nurseries?

The Hilltop Villa At Fiji’s Laucala Island Resort Runs $44k/Night

Potential guests can book a stay at The Hilltop Villa At Fiji’s Laucala Island Resort, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to be accepted. To actually get a room at the resort, the owner of the island has to approve the guests! But the approval and $44,000-per-night cost are very much worth the experience.

On a private island, up a private road, and located at the highest point on the island lies the Hilltop Villa. The location captures panoramic views of the picturesque island while offering some world-class amenities, including a private nanny, cook, and chauffeur. It’s a travel dream come true.

Villa Alang Alang In Cannes, France Is $41,000 Per Night

With sweeping views of the ocean, eight gorgeous suites, a swimming pool, and even a private wine cellar, the Alang Alang Chateau in Cannes, France is a luxurious getaway for those who don’t like the typical hotel experience. Alang Alang is a different type of lodging, with a wait staff, including a chef, butler, and even security. Comfort is the top priority.

There’s even a cinema, game room, complete with a pool table and X-Box, and a fully-stocked bar! It’s a quirky villa that is the perfect vacation for people who aren’t too worried about spending $41,000 per night.

The Pikaia Lodge Is $3,770 Per Person

Nestled in the center of the Galapagos Archipelago, The Pikaia Lodge takes a tropical vacation getaway to a whole new level. For $10,205 per person, travelers can stay in the lodge’s luxurious pool suite, complete with a private pool, floor-to-ceiling windows that give a complete panoramic view of the surrounding land, and even a private garden!

The Pikaia Lodge also provides a wide array of activities for its guests, including private yacht trips for a price of $3,770 per person for a three-day trip around some of the surrounding islands. It sounds marvelous, but for a startlingly high prince.

Maharajah Pavilion At Raj Palace In Jaipur, India Is $15,000/Night

For travelers wanting to live like actual royalty, nothing comes closer than staying at the Maharajah Pavilion at Raj Palace in Jaipur, India. With a private entrance, the pavilion is a four-story apartment, complete with a private elevator for quick transportation between each of the unique floors.

While the first floor is a lounge, the second floor is a museum and was once used as sleeping quarters by Thakur Sahib himself. The third floor is equipped with a library and full-functioning kitchen, and the top floor, the rooftop, has a hot tub overlooking the city. The bedroom? Well, that’s decorated in gold and ivory. This suite runs for $15,000/night.

The Penthouse Apartment At The Four Seasons Hotel George V Is $27,300/Night

For those who want to live like the other half in fancy Paris, a good place to start would be booking the penthouse suite at the famous Hotel George V. Located in the heart of Paris, the private balcony is the perfect place to eat a croissant, drink some champagne, and lounge in the magnificent, unobstructed view of the Eiffel Tower.

The Penthouse Apartment At The Four Seasons Hotel George V
Four Seasons
Four Seasons

To say the suite is glamorous would be a tragic understatement. Decorated in shades of silver and gold, the penthouse even comes with an infinity marble bathtub complete with a chromotherapy system. Unfortunately, reservations start at $27,300 per night.

Necker Island Runs For Around $56,000

Businessman Richard Branson’s private island in the British Virgin Island chain, Necker Island, is as scenic as it is pricey. For a seven-night stay in the master suite at the island’s sole resort, guests are looking to spend around $56,000, according to the island’s 2021 rates on their website.

If money isn’t an issue, the cost is well worth it. Not only is the resort the epitome of relaxation and luxury, but it also comes with all of the watersport equipment needed to make the vacation memorable. Everything from kite-surfing equipment and paddleboards to scuba tanks and snorkels is offered.

Villa Manzu In Costa Rica Is $16, 500 Per Night

Secluded on its own peninsula, Villa Manzu in Costa Rica is the go-to vacation destination for more than one celebrity, including Queen B herself, Beyonce. With a total of eight suites on a five-acre piece of land, the only way to reserve the accommodation is to rent out the entire property for $16,500 per night.

Of course, that price comes with some amazing amenities, including top-of-the-line professional chefs who cater to everything from five-course meals with wine pairings to family cookouts, a gym, two pools, a speed boat, and an on-property spa. It’s a dream vacation guests won’t want to wake up from.

Africa House At The Royal Malewane At Greater Kruger National Park In South Africa Is $17,166 Per Night

Safari lovers will love Africa House at The Royal Malewane At Greater Kruger National Park in South Africa… if they have the money to “glamp” in style, that is. For one to eight guests during peak season, the gorgeous suite runs for $17,166 per night. The good news is that cost includes a vehicle!

The price comes with many perks, including two safari rides per day plus bush walks, a full mini-bar, all meals, and beautiful accommodation. The Africa House has six en-suite bedrooms, an infinity pool, and a private outdoor shower and deck where curious wildlife can come up to greet guests.

Fogo Island Inn Is $3,100 Per Night

At the Fogo Island Inn, travelers will find themselves at one corner of the Earth. Located on a remote island of Newfoundland, Canada, the Fogo Inn is only accessible by helicopter, boat, or renting a private charter plane. But once there, it is worth every penny.

Enjoy the soothing rooftop hot tub that overlooks the water, bottle some homemade jam, go caribou watching, or enjoy the wild isolation the area has to offer and go on a snowmobiling adventure with some nighttime stargazing. To stay in the inn’s most remote lodging option, the Flat Earth suite, expect to pay around $3,100 per night.

President Wilson Hotel’s Royal Penthouse Suite Is $80k/Night

Floor-to-ceiling windows that give stunning views of Lake Lรฉman and Mont Blanc, an oversized whirlpool bathtub, and an option to connect more guest rooms to the master for the ultimate friend or family getaway, its no wonder why the President Wilson Hotel’s Royal Penthouse Suite is often said to be the most expensive hotel in the world.

For $80,000 per night, guests are able to enjoy a luxury swimming pool, a state of the art gym, a spa, and all of the activities Geneva has to offer, including lake cruises, lifts to the mountains for a day of skiing, and even a tour of a chocolate workshop.

The Presidential Suite In The Hotel Principe Di Savoia Is $20,000 Per Night

Ritz, glamour, and a private en-suite swimming pool that has made it onto the silver screen more than once, the Presidential Suite in The Hotel Principe di Savoia is the definition of luxury. On the tenth floor of the hotel, the suite has a wrap-around balcony, offering incredible views of the Milan skyline.

Or, if guests prefer to stay inside, the hand-painted and mosaic-tiled lounge is something to behold, especially when seated on velvet furniture in front of the fireplace or when a butler is serving finger foods pool-side. Either way, the Presidential Suite isn’t cheap; it costs $20,000 per night.

The Central Park West Suite In The Mandarin Oriental Is $3,995 Per Night

With floor-to-ceiling windows that give stunning views of Central Park, the Hudson River, and Columbus Circle, guests will feel like they’re towering over New York while staying in The Mandarin Oriental’s Central Park West Suite. Starting at $3,995 per night, the two-bedroom suite and hotel amenities are well worth the price.

With an in-house spa, massage parlor, and multiple specialty therapies, who says New York is all hustle and bustle? There’s even a restaurant on-site, Asiate, that gives ridiculous panoramic views of the city skyline. And, if guests feel like getting out, there are multiple restaurants, bars, and activities to do right outside the hotel’s door.

The Imperial Suite On The Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express Is $30,995 For A 15-Day Journey

For people in the mood for a different type of vacation, look no further than the Imperial Suite on The Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express. A luxury train, The Golden Eagle, will have guests feel as though they’re traveling back in time while experiencing one of the most exclusive long-distance train rides in the world.

But what’s traveling via train if the lodging isn’t state-of-the-art? Well, the Imperial Suite is just that. With a queen-size bed, a small lounge area, and a private bathroom with heated floors, the experience is well worth the $30,995 for a 15-day journey to some of the most remote places on earth.

Two-Story Sky Villa At The Palms Casino Resort Is $20k/Night

For some people, traveling to Las Vegas means they’re going to live it up. And what better way to do that than in the Two-Story Sky Villa at The Palms Casino Resort? This particular suite is suited for around eight guests; with a 24-hour butler, a private outdoor swimming pool, and a 17-seat bar, it’s the perfect place to start and end an extravagant evening on the infamous strip.

The Two-Story Sky Villa is one of those places that friends will talk about for years to come. If not for its luxuriousness, then for its extreme price of $20,000 per night.