People Share Some Of Their Best 2020 Travel Photos Against All Odds

We all surely agree that 2020 has been nothing but one surprise after the other…and not good ones, either. Yet, the biggest surprise was living in a new world where travel became limited if not banned for a long period of time internationally.

That didn’t stop these people from embracing the world around them as much as they possibly, and safely, could. Here are some of the memories they shared.

Landour Cantt, Mussoorie, India

woman takes picture of view with her upside down
Photo Credit: @anshica007 / Instagram
Photo Credit: @anshica007 / Instagram

“Addicted to the adrenaline rush.”

No need for a travel companion to take mesmerizing pictures of you and the view. A selfie will do the trick when the sunset over the mountain steals the show anyway.