The Most Dangerous Places To Scuba Dive On Earth

Whether you’ve been scuba diving or not, it’s obvious that it’s an activity that is not for the faint of heart. Not only are you completely reliant on your equipment and a tank of air, but being so far beneath the surface places you in great danger with regard to wildlife, the conditions underwater, or even the possibility of getting lost or trapped. Although not all diving locations are terribly dangerous, there are those that even some of the most experienced and fearless divers are hesitant to explore. These are the most dangerous dive sites in the world.

The Great Blue Hole In Belize Can Be Daunting For The Less-Experienced

Arial shot of the hole

On the top of the bucket list for many experienced divers, the blue sinkhole in Belize is known for its contrast of striking blue colors, demonstrating the hole’s vast depth. The hole is approximately 305 meters across and 124 meters deep, with divers from all over the world traveling to plunge into its blue waters.

For the first 30 meters, divers are confronted with sheer walls on both sides, which then turn into stalactite formations of limestone. This sudden drop can be disorienting for even skilled divers. The drop can cause divers to descend at a dangerous pace.