10 Of The Most Scenic Hikes In The United States

The United States has dozens upon dozens of trails that are worthy of hiking on your next vacation, so no matter what part of the country you’re visiting, you’re going to be able to find some spectacular views.

Whether you’re looking to scale up a glacier strapped into your shoe spikes or you’re looking for a family-friendly hike that will remind your kids of life beyond their smartphones, every state has something to offer.

Flattop Mountain Trail

alaska flattop mountain
Photo Credit: Flickr / Eli Duke
Photo Credit: Flickr / Eli Duke

Surprise surprise, who would have thought that Alaska would have some scenic hiking trails to offer up to the public? Just kidding, everyone should know by now that even though it might be a bit out of the way, the beauty of Alaska, and the Flattop Mountain Trail, will be worth it.