Traveler Recreates Iconic Movie Scenes In Their Actual Filming Locations

Movies are kind of like a short vacation, in a way: They transport us from our everyday lives into a world of fiction, drama, and wonder. While many stories are set in different times and fictional places, movies obviously have to use real locations in our world to bring the action to life.

Instagram user @steppingthroughfilm regularly travels to different film locations to recreate some iconic movie stills, and you can visit them yourself!

The Marvel Cinematic Universe Casually Overlapping With Ours

Still of spiderman on the tower bridge
Photo Credit: Instagram / @steppingthroughfilm
Photo Credit: Instagram / @steppingthroughfilm

Spider-Man: Far From Home took watchers to settings all over Europe, but the final fight scene took place on the famous Tower Bridge in London, England (not to be confused with the London Bridge).