Airports With Hidden Areas That You Need To Know About

The climate of air travel isn’t what it used to be. With so many incidents taking place over the past few decades, there are heightened forms of security that passengers need to abide by before they can soar the sky, and also while they wait. It’s reached a point that flying has become a hassle. Thankfully, some airports around the world are making improvements to help alleviate the stress people face. For example, one airport provides a pet relief area while another has a gym and even bedrooms for rent! You might not be able to find them all easily, so continue reading to learn where these hidden airport areas are located.

Hidden Gardens At Honolulu Airport

Joni Suiters/Pinterest
Joni Suiters/Pinterest

As if Hawaii wasn’t beautiful enough, the Honolulu Airport has hidden gardens for your amusement. While they’re not exactly “hidden,” many people tend to pass them by without noticing. The folks that do discover them label them as “hidden.”

Their real names are the Cultural Gardens, and they are Japanese, Chinese, and Hawaiian themed. You can find them by the Y concourse near the main international terminal lobby. If you walk through the Asian Airline Lounges, you’ll walk right through them.