Beautiful And Wacky Architecture From Around The World

Architecture is something that many of us take for granted. It’s something that we see all the time, but few of us spend much time noticing it. Luckily for us, there are places in the world that are so wild or stunning that they will stop us right in our tracks and force us to notice.

I mean, who wouldn’t be wowed by a school shaped like a cat?

Looks Like A Futuristic Hobbit House

This amazing house is actually a place that you can live in! They’re very inexpensive and made out of recycled parts, like bottles and tires, and are self-sustaining. It’s located in New Mexico.

a house in Mexico
Photo Credit: Reddit / Teillu
Photo Credit: Reddit / Teillu

Is That A Spaceship?

That is one strange-looking house. It’s probably nice to be hidden away from the neighborhood like that, but here’s a serious question: is that house just mostly roof then, or what?

a very modern looking house
Photo Credit: Reddit / FoxFoxington
Photo Credit: Reddit / FoxFoxington

Believe It Or Not, This Is A Cemetery

It’s in Guadeloupe, to be exact. The oldest tomb in the cemetery dates back to the 1800s! At night, you can walk through it and take in beautiful views of candle-lit areas and even vendors selling snacks.

a cemetery in France
Photo Credit: Reddit / loulan
Photo Credit: Reddit / loulan

An Actual Shell Station

This Shell station was builtin in the 1930s and still stands today in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Sometimes, it’s amazing to see how far we’ve come in our taste in architecture.

a vintage shell station
Photo Credit: Reddit / DrFetusRN
Photo Credit: Reddit / DrFetusRN

How About Some Fish With Your Drink?

This beautiful aquarium is in the Radisson Blu in Berlin, Germany. There is a glass elevator inside that you can take to your floor, and there is even the option to go diving in it.

fish in a hotel
Photo Credit: Reddit / principle_fbundle
Photo Credit: Reddit / principle_fbundle

Imagine Taking Groceries Up Those Stairs?

These cabins are a popular vacation destination in Norway for people who want a bit of a break from it all. These cabins sleep up to six people, and they have no Wi-Fi. Better make sure you like your travel buddy.

a cabin in the woods on stilts
Photo Credit: Reddit / lisino
Photo Credit: Reddit / lisino

Looks Like It’s From A Fairy Tale

These adorable little houses are actually a part of a beautiful forest-themed park for children in Japan. Imagine playing here as a kid! How fun would that have been for you?

a house that looks like a mushroom
Photo Credit: Reddit / digdilem
Photo Credit: Reddit / digdilem

Would You Eat In A Turtle?

This is the Turtle Cafe in Mongolia. It’s part of a popular tourist destination. And we can see why! Who wouldn’t want to take some sweet Instagram posts with this guy in the back?

a restaurant shaped like a turtle
Photo Credit: Reddit / logatwork
Photo Credit: Reddit / logatwork

Isn’t This Beautiful?

This incredible building is located in Prague, and it’s one of the world’s oldest astrological clocks still in operation. It’s been working for over 600 years! Now that is impressive.

a clock tower
Photo Credit: Reddit
Photo Credit: Reddit

That’s One Way To Get Kids To Go To School

This delightful cat-shaped building is actually a kindergarten class located in Germany. They’re taking the kid-friendly environment to a whole new level with this adorable creation. Apparently, there is a slide at the back for the tail.

a kindergarten building shaped like a cat
Photo Credit: Reddit / lisino
Photo Credit: Reddit / lisino

What Would It Be Like To Live Here?

So, this house is wild. It was built in 1984 and had an addition added in the 1990s. It’s a house and a studio for Bart Prince, an architect. The coolest thing about the house? It has an elevator with a fridge in it so you don’t have to go far for snacks.

someone has an amazing house
Photo Credit: Reddit / heuav
Photo Credit: Reddit / heuav

You Can Barely See It!

This beautiful mirrored hotel cottage makes it appear nearly invisible if you weren’t looking for it. It’s built in Sweden and eco-friendly. And, don’t worry, there is a film applied to the glass so that birds are able to see it!

a mirrored cabin
Photo Credit: Reddit / malgoya
Photo Credit: Reddit / malgoya

It Looks Like A Video Game

This is the Beauty Crown hotel, and it houses over 6,000 rooms for its guests. The hotel is in Sanya, China, and has seven stars! I didn’t even know you could get that many.

hotel that looks like a video game
Photo Credit: Reddit / wineddinerdand69ed
Photo Credit: Reddit / wineddinerdand69ed

Looks Like He’s Breathing Fire

This temple is located a few hours outside of Bangkok. It’s largely abandoned except for a few monks and some wild bats. It looks like the beginning of a Miyazaki film.

a temple with a dragon on it
Photo Credit: Reddit / Ironfingers
Photo Credit: Reddit / Ironfingers

This Is An Old Grain Silo

This silo-turned-museum is the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art in Cape Town, South Africa. It’s always so amazing to see people take existing structures and turn them into something completely different.

the museum of art in Africa
Photo Credit: Reddit / spankydoodles
Photo Credit: Reddit / spankydoodles

It Looks Like It’s From A Wes Anderson Film

This is the famous Hotel Belvédère in Switzerland. It became famous because of its proximity to an 11,000-year-old glacier that has sadly receded a full mile in the last 100 years.

the Hotel Belvedere
Photo Credit: Reddit / sizeable_interest
Photo Credit: Reddit / sizeable_interest

What An Incredible Building

This sprawling beauty is called the Pavilion of the Enlightened in Ancient City, Thailand. It’s a theme park that’s made up of buildings and temples that once existed but have since been lost.

a temple in Thailand
Photo Credit: Reddit / ryan5648
Photo Credit: Reddit / ryan5648

Check Out Those Helicopter Pads

This is the world’s largest hotel, Abraj Kudai, which is located in Saudi Arabia. It’s still under construction, but when it’s done, it will have room for 10,000 suites and all kinds of attractions.

the world's biggest hotel
Photo Credit: Reddit / malgoya
Photo Credit: Reddit / malgoya

You Can Barely See It In The Hills

This beach home was built in the 1970s, and it features dozens of rooms carved into the sandstone cliffs. It’s built using pebbles, rocks and recycled materials. It’s been rebuilt a few times because it keeps eroding in the sea.

a hermit house
Photo Credit: Reddit / lision
Photo Credit: Reddit / lision

That’s A Hungry Fish

Inside this giant fish is a diner where you can stop on the side of the highway and grab a quick bite to eat. Tacky? Yes. But it’s also amazing, so…there is that.

a huge fish restaurant
Photo Credit: Margolies / Library Of Congress
Photo Credit: Margolies / Library Of Congress

They Know Their Product

There is something to be said about a company that knows their product, even more so when it goes full-force into marketing, like this milk bottle for the Richmond Dairy Co.

The Guangzhou Circle That looks Like An Oversized Donut

This area better have some sort of river tour since The Guangzhou Circle is right on the bank. What looks like an oversized, geometric donut, the circle is actually the world’s largest trading center for raw plastic!

A Different And Unique Entryway

Entryways are important, since its the first thing a person sees when walking into a home or building. This particular house in San Miguel De Allende, Mexico, pulled out all the stops, making a fancy, albeit a little dizzying, walkway.

The Fascinating Designs Of New York’s Skyline

New York is interesting, as people have to look way up to see the unique architecture the city has to offer. One such fascinating piece being this old, rustic apartment building.

Ambuluwawa Tower, The Stairway To Heaven

Located in Sri Lanka, the Ambuluwawa Tower stretches 3,567 feet-tall and gives breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. It’s nickname is the Stairway to Heaven for a reason, after all!

Alien Inspired Lodging

This UFO-inspired studio is beyond unique. Aside from its octagonal shape, the designer of this structure knew how to pick a setting! Placing the alien shuttle on pink mountains sets the scene beautifully.

The Church By The Sea Has A…Duck Face?

While the rest of the Church by the Sea is gorgeous, the architects didn’t notice one tiny design flaw — the two windows and roof that makes up the eyes and bill of a duck.

Helping Hands

Yes, these hands are a bit odd, popping out of the water like that to hold a building up, but they’re still pretty cool! They look as though they are propping the apartment up so it doesn’t fall.

London Bringing “Small Apartment” To A Whole New Level

Cities are known for their small apartments. But this tiny building doesn’t look big enough to fit a person comfortably, being as it is only around six and a half feet wide!

Dorothy’s House Fell On A Museum In Austria

While this looks like Dorothy’s house from The Wizard of Oz fell into the roof of an Austrian Museum, there is a reason for it! The museum is the home of almost 7,000 contemporary and modern works, including the house.

When The Ivy Takes Over

There are homes where ivy grows up the sides in a lovely and natural way, and then there is this house. Completely covered, this home looks like its better suited for a magical forest than a neighborhood.

House Of Shaving Cream

The designer of this home must have been a huge supporter of shaving cream. Unfortunately, with shaving cream on the mind, it makes one think that the house will melt during the first rain shower.

The Crazy House Represents Nature

Designed and constructed by Đặng Việt Ng, the Crazy House guesthouse is, for lack of a better term, absolutely crazy! The “fairy house” was designed to represent a tree, bringing in natural elements such as animals and spider webs to the surrounding features.

Building Blocks But Makes It A House

Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, this quirky two-bedroom home was built in 2016 by Beat Schennk and Chaewon Kim. The designers didn’t decide to live in their creation, though, opting to put it on the market.

The Pineapple House In Scotland

Considered the “most bizarre building in Scotland,” the Dunmore Pineapple was built way back in 1761. At the time, this fruit represented wealth, power, and hospitality, as pineapples were rare in Europe.

Traditional Homes Stacked On One Another

This funky place is the Inntel Hotel in Zaandam, Amsterdam. The design stacks traditional homes of the area on top of one another, creating this dizzying array of beautiful architecture.

A Lemon House On The US-395

On California’s Highway 395, this lemon house sits on the side of the road, a very out-of-place attraction in the middle of the desert. The good news is that For Sale sign has been there for eons if you’re in the market!

It’s A Topsy-Turvy Kind Of House

Located in Trassenheide, Germany, this upside-down house is beyond unique. Built in 2008 by Klaudiusz Golos and Sebastian Mikiciuk, the house is solely an exhibit, as people get a bit disoriented.

A Dizzying Display For A Brain Health Facility

Ironically, this dizzy-looking piece of architecture is the Lou Rovu Center for Brain Health in Las Vegas, Nevada. Designed by Frank Gehry, the center opened in 2010 with a plan to become one of the leading research facilities in the nation.

A Bubble House In Australia

It might look like a toy for a hamster, but it almost took a decade for Graham Birchall to complete the design on this beauty. Located in Karalee, Queensland, Australia, the bubble design is definitely one of those “you love it or hate it” designs.