Destinations That Will Make You Feel Like You Traveled To Another World

Some people travel to explore the world around them, while others like to travel in order to escape their everyday lives. Our world has an endless amount of destinations to visit, including places that make you feel like you’ve been transported to another planet.

There’s a river that runs bright yellow and red for 6 months a year on one continent, and a lake that freezes perfect bubbles under the surface on another. It’s all there for you to explore as long as you’re willing to look.

Dallol Volcano

dallol volcano ethiopia
Photo Credit: Reddit / Arxson
Photo Credit: Reddit / Arxson

Dallol Volcano in Ethiopia is considered to be the hottest regularly inhabited place on Earth, with the average annual temperatures reaching more than 30 degrees Celcius (85 degrees Fahrenheit).

If you were to travel there, you’d find scenery made up of hot springs, acidic ponds, and terrain that looks like something you’d find on Mars.