Flying In Luxury: The Glamorous Past Of Air Travel

The idea of jumping on a plane sounds like a great idea until you think about the struggle that is the airport. Long lines, TSA checkpoints, and other various modern-day inconveniences are enough to drag down your spirits. However, this was not always the case! Explore a list of the golden years of aviation and the luxurious way we used to travel.


Stewardesses, now referred to as flight attendants, are remembered as a hallmark of flying during the golden age of aviation. By the late 1950s, stewardesses had evolved into the glamor girls of flight. They were there as modern-day flight attendants to help passengers with both safety and service issues. However, stewardesses of the glamor days of flight were also there to add to the environment and experience of flying.

Stewardesses were supposed to be beautiful, accessible, and fashionable. They were also often encouraged to flirt with male passengers. Stewardesses were sometimes treated as though they were supposed to be a type of showgirl. Nowadays both men and women serve as flight attendants and their appearances are not nearly controlled as past years.