The Best Destinations To Visit With Your Kids Before They’re Too Old To Appreciate Them

As much as you want your kids to stay young, cute, and sweet forever, they’re eventually going to grow up. As they grow up, they might become the quintessential teenager who is deeply embarrassed by their parents’ existence, and they’ll become far too cool for kiddie activities.

When it comes to choosing a family vacation destination, you want to take advantage of certain places or attractions while your kids are still young and willing to hold your hand as you wait in line to meet Peter Pan at Disney World!

Dinosaur Valley State Park

glen rose texas dinosaur valley
Photo Credit: Getty Images
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Seventy-five miles southwest of Dallas is just the place you’ve been looking for to fulfill your child’s Indiana Jones dreams and maybe even inspire a career as an archeologist. Dinosaur Valley State Park is in Glen Rose, known as the Dinosaur Capital of Texas (not that there’s a lot of competition elsewhere).

You can explore the large footprints in the Paluxy River or take a covered wagon tour, plus there are plenty of outdoor activities like mountain biking, swimming, fishing, and hiking.