The Easiest Ways To Spot An American Abroad

In the grand scheme of the world, the United States is a small speck on the globe. That’s why Americans travel to other countries to see famous landmarks, see ancient monuments, or relax in a tropical paradise.

It’s great that Americans want to experience other cultures but they haven’t exactly mastered the art of blending in. Americans love to let everyone know where they’re from and if they’re not upfront about it, there’s still something that gives themselves away. From what they wear to how they talk, here are some surefire ways to tell if a tourist is American.

Asking For Ice

Chinese Diet Coca-Cola can and Fountain Bistro glass in Xintiandi area, Huang Pi Road, Shanghai, China
Tim Graham/Getty Images
Tim Graham/Getty Images

When you order a beverage outside of the U.S. and decide to ask for ice with it, you instantly peg yourself as an American. Having an “ice-cold” beverage is the American standard but elsewhere it’s almost unheard of to want to voluntarily water down your drink with some ice.

So get used to enjoying your drink simply “chilled.” Asking for ice just puts you at risk of consuming local water, which isn’t exactly safe depending on where you are.