Before You Book Your Next Flight, Learn The Truth About Airline Food

On your next flight, it’s highly likely that you will eat a meal, enjoy a beverage, or both. After all, you’re stuck on a plane with limited options and some food and beverages are offered to passengers for free. This list, however, may have you thinking twice about what you’ll consume en route to your destination. Where does airplane food even come from? How is it stored? We’ve got the info, and by the way– you’ll never drink another cup of coffee on a flight again– even if it is complimentary.

Who Chooses Which Food Is Served?

Christian Charisius/picture alliance via Getty Images
Christian Charisius/picture alliance via Getty Images

Airline meals are prepared by experts. Some companies even hire famous chefs, who prepare the menu according to the route and the local cuisine. The dishes are chosen up to a year ahead of time, so they are tested and the prices analyzed.

In relation to production, many foods are prepared daily for flights. Some airlines produce around 150,000 meals a day! Are you more impressed with your airline meals now?