Australian Man Quits His Job And Sells His Possessions To Travel With His Cat

We’re covering the latest outlandish story about pet love, travel and being brave enough to chase your dreams. You hear lots of stories about how people left their job to travel full time – many of which will make you want to do it yourself.

Rich East, a native Australian, decided that the simple life was for him. He didn’t need any possessions, a house, or the stability of a regular income to survive. All he needed was a van, the open road and his beloved rescue cat Willow by his side. This is his story…

It All Started In May 2015

Image credit: Rich East, Instagram: @vancatmeow
Image credit: Rich East, Instagram: @vancatmeow

In May 2015, Willow and Rich decided to leave Tasmania and begin their adventure. Prior to leaving his hometown of Hobart, Rich was a regular guy with a corporate job that he’d held down for 10 years.

Although from the outside he had a good career and a stable life, he had started to become unhappy with his situation. After going through a breakup with his girlfriend, Rich decided to do something drastic. He had recently adopted a rescue cat named Willow with his ex-girlfriend but wasn’t going to let that stop him from traveling. He took his cat and his VW Transporter van and set off on his journey.