Amazon Gifts For People Who Love To Travel And Explore

Whether by plane, train, or automobile, there is always room to improve one’s experience traveling. Thankfully, Amazon has some nifty gadgets that will upgrade your or your loved one’s next trip.

From luggage scales to decrease checked-bag costs to makeup bags to help with organization, wanderlust travelers will want to check out these upcoming items for themselves and others.

A Daypack That Folds Into The Size Of A Wallet

Forget packing a backpack in your suitcase, taking up valuable space and adding weight. Think about purchasing the 4Monster Hiking Daypack instead! This water-resistant nylon backpack weighs less than an iPhone and can fold up to the size of a wallet, fitting into a handy little bag.

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Pepavone/; Tallulah/
Pepavone/; Tallulah/

The bag has a main zipper compartment, a tinier zipper pocket, and two mesh pockets on either side. Buy one today!

Plan Your Trip To A T With A Planner

While traveling, keeping transportation schedules, accommodation locations, and activities organized can be a bit difficult. That’s where the Clever Fox Travel Journal comes into play!

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This planner comes with everything a person needs to keep themselves on track while traveling, including a nifty section to jot down times, places, and even prices! It even comes with monthly calendars, a map, and a section to budget and plan your next trip. Buy one today.

A Three-Pocket Luggage Cup Holder

The riemot Luggage Travel Cup Holder is one item people didn’t realize they needed in their life. The hands-free three-pocket holder secures directly onto a person’s luggage, allowing them to walk through the airport without worrying about spilling their coffee or losing their passport or cell phone!

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Buy one today.

All-In-One Power Adapter

For those who enjoy traveling outside of the United States, there is nothing like having the Universal Travel Adapter handy. This all-in-one adapter is compatible with over 150 countries around the world and is compact enough that throwing it into a carry-on bag is no big deal.

Princess & The Devilman/
Princess & The Devilman/

Purchase one today!

This Toiletry Kit For Incredible Luggage Organization

The BAGSMART Toiletry Bag is a dream when it comes to luggage organization. The bag has four compartments, each with a zipper closure to ensure nothing falls out.

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Amazon Customer/
Amazon Customer/

Better yet, two of the compartments are designed so bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and lotion will not move around but stay upright and standing! This bag is also water-resistant and folds up into a cute carrying case with a handle. Either carry it along or stick it in your suitcase. Either way, buy one today!

“Our Adventure Book” Scrapbook

Inspired by the Pixar movie Up, the JIMBON Our Adventure Book Scrapbook Travel Diary is just the gift to give a travel lover who likes to keep their memories close. With 180 pages, this photo album holds more than just pictures.


There is also an expandable inner pocket on the back, perfect for holding tickets, itineraries, and more! Also, this scrapbook comes with fun travel stickers, stamps, and bookmarks to decorate the pages. Buy one today.

An Electronics Organizer

With the BAGSMART Electronic Organizer, there is no need to ever untangle charging cables, endlessly search for an external battery, or look for headphones at the bottom of a suitcase!

Quality Oriented/
Quality Oriented/

This bag comes with five elastic loops, making it easy to secure cables, mesh pockets, and larger elastics to secure power banks. Order one today!

Wall Planters Turn Any Room Into A Museum

For those who love traveling around and venturing to beautiful and quirky museums, it is time to turn your home into one! The Bossa Linda Face Wall Planter comes in seven different colors and will turn any room into a work of art.

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Tiera/; Shannon Pamperl/
Tiera/; Shannon Pamperl/

Perfect for succulents, cacti, or ivy, this piece is a show-stopper and the perfect gift for anyone who wants to spice up their home. Buy one (or a few!) today.

A 2-In-1 Pillow And Blanket

It is not easy getting comfortable on an airplane, train, or bus. So, why not make life a bit better with the EverSnug Travel Blanket and Pillow? The pillow is right there if you need something to rest your head on. If it is cold, the fuzzy blanket folds perfectly to fit inside the pillowcase!


Also, there is a strap on the back of the pillowcase, allowing the user to secure it around the handle of their luggage, or a backpack clip, for hands-free travel. Buy one today!

A Small Jewelry Box To Keep Things Organized

If there is someone in your life who loves to travel, think about gifting them a Custom Leather Jewelry Box. This personalized gift comes with the person’s name and birth flower, making it very special.

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Melitta Cooper/
Melitta Cooper/

The holder comes with three hooks to hang necklaces, ring stands, and compartments to put earrings. It is a great organizational tool to ensure jewelry doesn’t get lost or tangled. Buy one today!

A Large Scratch-Off World Map Poster

Keep your travels close by with this Scratch Off World Map Poster. At 17-inches by 24-inches, this map is large and will definitely be a statement piece that will hold many memories.

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Daniel/; Mara Sharp/
Daniel/; Mara Sharp/

The map comes with a scratching tool and fun travel stickers to pin on some of your favorite locations and trips. Get yours today and start scratching away!

A Phone Mount To Watch TV

Nothing is worse than getting onto an airplane and realizing there is no in-flight entertainment on the seat back in front of you. That’s where the Airplane Phone Holder Mount comes into play.

Artem Russakovskii/
Artem Russakovskii/

This mount clamps directly to the seatback tray and securely holds cellphones into place (everything from an iPhone mini to a Samsung Note) while you watch previously downloaded tv shows or movies. Purchase one today!

An Emergency Power Bank

Most people don’t travel somewhere and then walk around with a charging cord in their bag. Emergencies do happen, though, and it is a good idea to have the iWALK Mini Portable Charger handy!


Small and compact, this charger is a great way to ensure your phone is always in the green! Keep in mind this product is only compatible with iPhones. Buy one today!

Find Out What The Best Road Trips Are Across The USA

If you know someone who lives for the open road, don’t hesitate to get them Fodor’s Best Road Trips in the USA: 50 Epic Trips Across All 50 States. The book covers all of the best road trip destinations across the United States!

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The book includes itineraries, photos, maps, and even recommendations from locals to enhance each trip! Buy one today.

A Luggage Scale To Help Decrease Checked-Bag Costs

Say goodbye to overweight checked-bag charges. The travel inspira Luggage Scale is a portable scale that will tell the user the exact weight of their bag before ever stepping foot into the airport.

Amazon Customer/
Amazon Customer/

Digital and easy to use, this scale is able to hold bags up to 110 pounds! Order one today.

Packing Cubes For Luggage Organization

Stop rummaging through luggage to find that one t-shirt on the bottom. Instead, think about packing using Veken Packing Cubes. Coming in a pack of six different sizes, these packing cubes are the ultimate organization tool.

Caitlin Unser/
Caitlin Unser/

Pack shirts in one cube and pants in another, place them inside a suitcase, and you’ll never have to worry about figuring out where anything is located again! Buy a set today.

There’s Always Room For Another Coffee Mug

For some people, collecting coffee mugs from places they’ve traveled to is one of their favorite hobbies. So, why not add to their collection with the Camera Lens Coffee Mug? It is the perfect mug/thermos for any travel lover.

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Kika/; Nesh/
Kika/; Nesh/

Looking like an actual camera lens, the mug comes with a 100% leak-proof top and even a mixing spoon. Don’t miss out and buy one today.

An Infinity Pillow To Help Sleep On A Plane

Normal neck pillows are a thing of the past. The Huzi Infinity Pillow is the future you’ve been looking for! A 180-degree pillow, the Huzi Infinity is big enough to not only wrap around a person’s neck comfortably but hold up to a window, lie on a desk, or wrap around their ears to cancel out noise.

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Dani/; Heather Regan/
Dani/; Heather Regan/

Made of soft and breathable bamboo fabric, this is one pillow every travel lover should own. Buy one today.

A Small Wireless Speaker

When traveling around, there is always a need for a wireless speaker, be it in a hostel, on a beach, or even lounging by the pool. The JBL Clip 3 is the perfect companion, as it is small, waterproof, and has a handy clip to easily attach to any bag.

Rhea Cassady/
Rhea Cassady/

With a battery life of up to ten hours, wireless streaming, and a noise-canceling speakerphone, this speaker is a must-have. Also, it comes in 12 different colors. So, pick a color and buy yours today!

A Solar-Powered Battery Pack

Campers and travelers alike will love having a Solar Phone Charger in their backpacks. Waterproof, shockproof, and charged by the sun, this power bank is the best emergency charger a person can ask for.


It even comes with a three-setting flashlight and multiple ports for USB-compatible devices! Buy one today.

Passport Holders Come In Handy

Purchasing a bright, thick, and handy passport holder is not a bad option for people who tend to misplace things. The Passport Leather Card Case allows people to slide their passport book right into an embossed case, complete with pockets for sim cards, tickets, and more.


It even has an elastic strap to go over the booklet so nothing accidentally falls out. Buy one today.

A LifeStraw For Anytime Water

There is nothing worse than running out of water while traveling around. That’s why LifeStraw is one of the best emergency preparation tools. The filter in the straw removed 99.99% of all bacteria and parasites, meaning a person can use the straw for drinking out of questionable bodies of water.

Collage Maker-04-Nov-2022-10.40-AM
Overwine/; Hope Bradley/
Overwine/; Hope Bradley/

The filter is long-lasting, too, allowing the user to drink up to 1,000 gallons of water. US EPA, NSF, and ASTM tested, the LifeStraw is a great gift for any camper, hiker, or travel lover. Buy one today.

Airplane-Friendly Travel Bottles

Say goodbye to packing full-size lotions, shampoos, and conditioners in a checked bag. These Portable Travel Bottles are carry-on approved and will save you space and weight in your checked bag.

Nikki Garrighty/
Nikki Garrighty/

The bottles are two ounces of eco-friendly silicone material and come in a pack of four with a little carrying case. Buy a pack today!

A Sleep Mask To Help Drift Off

Whether you are in a noisy hostel or on a plane or train, the Huzi Infinity Travel Sleep Mask is there for you, helping you drift off into a restful sleep. Beyond soft and silky, this particular mask wraps around, blocking off a person’s ears and reducing the noise around them.

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Be sure to buy one today!

An Inflatable Neck And Shoulder-Friendly Travel Pillow

It is common knowledge amongst travelers that there are minimal ways to get comfortable in an airplane. Thankfully, the Kimiandy Inflatable Travel Pillow is here to help.

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This inflatable pillow is ready to use in five breaths, standing up at a 45-degree angle that allows for multiple positions for a person’s head and arms. Deflating is no big deal, either, with the pillow collapsing in about three seconds. Buy one today.

This Collapsable Water Bottle

Water bottles are never easy to pack. Not to mention, one with liquid in it never makes it past airport security. The SPECIAL MADE Collapsible Water Bottle takes all of those issues away.

Collage Maker-04-Nov-2022-10.52-AM
Audrai Candaso/; Ashlee/
Audrai Candaso/; Ashlee/

Leakproof and totally collapsable, this water bottle is the perfect travel companion, as it fits right into a carry-on bag and holds up to 20 ounces of water. Buy one today!

Why Not Buy An Airplane Footrest?

It is very difficult for some people (most people) to get comfortable on an airplane. That’s why the Angemay Airplane Footrest Travel Accessory is a great travel companion.


Easily hook the footrest onto the tray table in front of you, adjust the straps, and have a lovely hammock-like tool to comfortably rest your feet for the duration of your flight! Order one today.

A Large Airplane-Friendly Backpack

For minimalists who forgo checking luggage, this Large Travel Backpack is just the piece you’ve been looking for! Small enough to qualify as a carry-on and large enough to hold a few days worth of clothing, shoes, and electronics, this backpack has it all.

Collage Maker-04-Nov-2022-10.56-AM
sheyla/; Jennifer F Leccesi/
sheyla/; Jennifer F Leccesi/

It is also waterproof, has an anti-theft back pocket for valuables, and is extremely durable. Buy one today!

A Moon Nightlight To Remind You Of The Universe

Coming home after traveling can be sad; you might miss the adventure! The NSL Lighting 3D Moon Lamp is here to remind you of the vastness of the world and universe and that there are always adventures to be had.


A beautiful replica of the moon, the battery makes this lamp wireless and looks as though the moon is really in your room. Buy one today.

Don’t Worry About Jet Leg Again

Miers Labs No Jet Lag Remedy are all-natural plant-based tablets that will help anyone who experiences horrible jet lag. Just by taking one tablet at take off, then another every two hours, and one more during landing, users will feel refreshed and awake instead of disoriented and exhausted.


Buy a pack today!