Funky, Cool, And Historic Motels To Help Plan Your Next Coast-To-Coast Roadtrip

The first coast-to-coast highway popped up in the United States back in 1912, and a few years later, a new business began to boom: the motel. Now, people could find affordable lodging without straying too far from their route. Starting on the west coast, motels soon spread across the nation.

With their rising popularity, motel owners started to get creative, giving their lodging an iconic, attention-grabbing look to differentiate it from others. Today, many real estate enthusiasts are sprucing up vintage motels, giving them modern-day amenities while keeping their nostalgic vibe. Take notes; you’re going to want to stay at one of these cool motels on your next road trip.

The Vagabond Motel Was The Stomping Grounds For The Rat Pack

The Vagabond Motel Was The Stomping Grounds For Rat Pack
Emily Padura/Pinterest
Emily Padura/Pinterest

Considering the Vegabond Motel in Miami, Florida, used to be the stomping grounds of Rat Pack members Frank Sinatra and Sammie Davis Jr., you best believe it is beyond cool! And because of their frequent stays, the owners of the 1950s-style motel kept its charm during the 2014 facelift.

The rooms featured throughout the motel are everything a Miami vacationer could ask for. With pops of Miami-appropriate colors of pink, turquoise, and yellow, the rooms feature era-friendly geometric stenciling on the walls and vintage light fixtures, giving the home away from home a modern 50s vibe. It feels as though Sinatra would be lounging by the pool!