Wanderlust? You’ll Want To Visit These Places In 2020

The world has entered into a new decade, so it may be time for people to try something new. Statista revealed that the average American takes about four trips each year and that number increases as people age. There are endless options for travel destinations, both internationally and domestically.

Travelers should go to these locations in 2020 for numerous reasons such as new hotels, museums, and restaurants opening, or even that they will be hosting a special event. People who are stuck trying to decide where to go this year will definitely get inspiration from this list

Celebrate The Summer Olympics In Tokyo

mount fuji seen from the beach in tokyo
Clive Rose/Getty Images
Clive Rose/Getty Images

If you’ve ever dreamed of watching the Summer Olympics in person you may have your chance in 2020. This year the games will be held in Tokyo, Japan at the New National Stadium. The city will certainly be abuzz with all the Olympic hoopla, so it’s sure to be a lively getaway.

Those who missed out on getting a ticket shouldn’t feel bad because there are still thousands of things to do in Tokyo. Visitors can take photos at Shibuya Crossing, watch a Sumo match, or indulge in the one-of-a-kind cuisine.