The Best Places To Travel Off-Season

If you love traveling but prefer to spend a little less money and avoid large crowds, one of the best things to do is visit popular destinations during the off-season. You get to experience well-known locations with fewer tourists and slightly better rates when you travel in the shoulder season.

While you might have to pack extra layers and a raincoat for some of the following adventures, it will pay off because you’ll avoid long lines and will have more spending money. Here are some of the best places to visit in the off-season.

Amsterdam’s Canals & Parks Are Picturesque In The Fall

canals of amsterdam
Laszlo Szirtesi/Getty Images
Laszlo Szirtesi/Getty Images

Sure, Amsterdam is stunning in the summer when the tulip blooms reach their peak, but if you wait to go in the fall you’ll be able to take advantage of the city’s lower hotel rates and smaller crowds. You’ll also experience stunning fall foliage in the city’s parks and near the canals.

You don’t want to miss Museum Night in November, which allows you to check out famous art collections after dark and participate in several workshops and tours. It can be chilly (high 30s to mid-50s in October and November), but the rates are worth it. Save even more if you visit in winter.