Cities That Are Predicted To Be Underwater Soon

Some of the cities that you know and love today may not be there by the end of the century. According to the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), sea levels could rise 10 to 12 feet by 2100 due to the collapse of the Antarctic ice sheet. Some experts predict that several major cities may be underwater by the end of the century (if not earlier).

“It’s probably very unlikely, but definitely possible,” according to William Sweet, a NOAA oceanographer. So which cities around the world may not make it to 2100? Read on to find out.

Charleston, South Carolina, Could Be A ‘Half-Drowned Ghost Town’ By 2050

canoeing in a flood

This image shows two men rowing a boat as a cyclist passes nearby on a flooded street in downtown Charleston, South Carolina, in 2015. Heavy downpours triggered flooding in the city. Over the next 100 years, around 64,000 of its citizens are at risk of coastal flooding.

A few years ago, the Charleston City Paper forecast that the city could become “a half-drowned ghost town” by 2050. If the city experiences a sea level rise of 12 feet, over 75 percent of the area could be underwater.