Crazy Cheap Experiences That’ll Make You Feel Like A Millionaire

When you think of a millionaire vacation, what do you picture? I’m thinking of a private jet to a private island where you’ll be staying in a castle with champagne and wine waiting…add a yacht in there too. But who says you can’t have all of that on a budget?

We’ve laid out for you how to experience your next vacation luxuriously for pretty cheap!

Take Your Own Private Jet Wherever, Whenever

Photo Credit: @theexplorerblog / Instagram
Photo Credit: @theexplorerblog / Instagram

Thanks to the private jet company JetSuiteX, you can waive its $4,000 fare (plus a $50,000 membership fee). For as little as $129 one way, you can take this 30 seat jet, with all the features of a private jet such as leather chairs and free wine.

You get from your parking spot to take off in just 15 minutes, skipping all the usual lines with its private terminals