This Gorgeous House Is Made From The Parts Of A Boeing 747 Airplane

Made from the parts of a decommissioned Boeing 747 airplane, the “747 Wing House” is a 55-acre property designed and built by architect David Randall Hertz and his firm, the Studio of Environmental Architecture. Completed in 2011, the structure is located in Ventura Country in the Santa Monica mountains, giving the home a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains, valleys, and the Pacific Ocean. The house is held in high regard for its unique design, use of sustainable and recycled materials, as well as its location. Read on to see the time and effort that went into building this special home and view the final product.

Finding An Ideal Location

David Hertz FAIA & The Studio of Environmental Architecture
David Hertz FAIA & The Studio of Environmental Architecture

Before building her dream house, former Mercedes Benz dealer Francie Rehwald spent 15 years looking for the perfect location. In her search, she spent over $26,000 chartering private jets to survey the area until she found a piece of land that she thought was best.

The location was a property off of Corinthian Road in the Malibu Mountains, on the western part of the Santa Monica Mountains. The property was once owned by set designer Tony Duquette, although his home had been burnt down in the Green Meadow fire of 1993.