Mysterious Islands That You Can Never Visit

The world has over 100,000 islands, and most have been explored. But some remain a mystery to most of the outside world. Some islands are so dangerous, exclusive, or top-secret that only a few people can step foot on them.

Although some people can see islands from their homes, many do not allow visitors. Some are inhospitable, while others are privately owned. Even some Hawaiian islands and UNESCO Heritage sites are off-limits to the public. Cross these islands off of your vacation list because you can’t visit them.

Only Snakes Live On This Island

A boa climbs a tree.
Massimo Piacentino/REDA&CO/Universal Images Group via Getty Images
Massimo Piacentino/REDA&CO/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Ninety-three miles off the coast of São Paulo is the Brazilian island, Ilha da Queimada Grande. But most people know it as Snake Island. Humans cannot travel there because the island is covered with snakes–between one and five snakes per meter, researchers say.

These aren’t small, harmless snakes, either. They are a unique type of pit viper called golden lancehead. Lanceheads are poisonous and cause 90% of Brazil’s snakebite fatalities. As a result, the Brazilian Navy forbids any human from stepping on the island except for select researchers.