PHOTOS: The Fantasyland Hotel Brings Your Dreams To Life

When it comes to hotels, it doesn’t get much better than the Fantasyland Hotel in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The hotel is situated in the renowned West Edmonton Mall, which is the largest in all of North America. It features spectacular accommodations including ice skating, a casino, and an enormous indoor waterpark to name a few. However, the adventure starts inside of your hotel room with themed decor. You can feel as though you’re living in ancient Rome, out on an island, in outer space, and many other fantasy destinations. Let’s take a look at what makes this hotel one of the top 10 most unique hotels in the world.

The Polynesian Theme Room

An island themed hotel room

This is what the hotel calls its modern polynesian theme room. The room features a large LCD HD television, a two-person jet, and the option of one king bed, a king bed, and a day bed, or two queen beds.

The leaf design on the carpet and the bed’s backsplash give the feel of sleeping in nature. The mock rock wall and plants lead into the bath, giving the illusion of bathing in a rainforest.