Places To Visit If Witches Are Your Thing

Witches have been feared and a source of fascination for as long as humans have been around. In some places, they were highly regarded and were sought after for advice and healing, and in other places, they were feared and anyone who was different than you was considered a witch.

Because of their rich history, witches have cemented their place in pop culture. If you’re into witches, there are places you can visit around the world to learn about them or feel like you’re in a fairy tale waiting to meet one.

Pendle Hill, Lancashire

the view from the top of Pendle Hill
Photo Credit: Creative Commons / Rotherz67
Photo Credit: Creative Commons / Rotherz67

The trials of the Pendle witches are some of the most infamous in English history. The 12 women accused of witchcraft lived in the area of Pendle Hill, Lancashire. There are rumors that the area is haunted, but the thing that brings people to the area are the sculptures hidden in the forest and the ceramic plaques that each represent someone who was hanged for witchcraft.