The Compelling Reasonings Behind Popular City Nicknames

The Big Apple, City of Angels, and Sin City are only a few of the mainstream nicknames for popular cities in the world. There are way more, and every one has a history, whether the origins stem from hundreds of years ago or not, there’s some exciting lore behind it all. You can probably guess the reasoning for Las Vegas getting the name Sin City, but what about Baltimore earning “Charm City?” Be our guest and continue reading; you’re in for some pleasant surprises.

New Orleans – The Big Easy

new orleans
Sean Gardner/Getty Images
Sean Gardner/Getty Images

In regards to every other nickname, “The Big Easy” is relatively new. Home of one of the wildest celebrations in America, New Orleans is a city of life and passion. The nation witnessed that first hand after mother nature showed no remorse with Katrina.

“The Big Easy” wasn’t a term anyone used that much until the ’70s. A newspaper columnist by the name of Betty Guillaud used the phrase as a response to New York’s “Big Apple.” It soon caught on after a titled The Big Easy starring Dennis Quaid came released in 1986.