Secret Las Vegas Gems You’d Have To Be A Local To Know About

If you think that all there is to Las Vegas is gambling, partying, and expensive shows, then you might want to check yourself. Sure, those are the primary reasons anyone ever goes to Sin City but there are plenty of hidden gems and little-known scenes that you wouldn’t think to seek out unless you asked a local. From outdoor adventures in incredible desert landscapes to a place where you can make a buck without having to spend a penny, there are secrets in Las Vegas just waiting for you to find them.

A Hidden Art Exhibit


There’s a secret art exhibition in a place you’d least expect. At the Louis Vuitton store in Las Vegas City Center, people who make reservations can visit Akhob, an art installation that immerses you in a world of color. Artist James Turrell’s permanent exhibition consists of two chambers that slowly change colors before your eyes.

Though you must make an appointment to see the exhibit, admission is free. You simply need to tell the Louis Vuitton employees why you’re there and you’ll be escorted to a secret floor where the experience awaits you.