Only In Arizona: Strange And Fascinating Sights In The Grand Canyon State

If you think that Arizona is all desert and tumbleweeds, you’re wrong. The state boasts lush trees against red mountains and even snow in the north. But if you patiently drive down the long, lonely highways, you’ll encounter some unexpected sights.

Abandoned domes. A bridge to nowhere. A pumpkin filled with toxic chemicals. All of these and more can be found in Arizona if you know where to look. Here are the most unusual and fascinating sights throughout the state.

A Ghost Town Of Abandoned Domes

John Razimus Mysterialis goes into a Casa Grande dome to ghost hunt.

There are some mysterious structures in Casa Grande: decrepit, caterpillar-shaped domes. With their crumbling roofs and graffiti, these creepy structures have sparked many theories from hauntings to cult gatherings. In truth, they were built for a tech company.

In 1982, InnerConn Technology began building a site to assemble circuit boards. Just a year later, they defaulted on their loan, and now a local communications company owns the property. Even so, they’ve made little changes to these old, decaying domes.