The Most Unusual Airbnb Spots Will Make Your Trip Unforgettable

There are countless places to travel all over the world and now Airbnb makes it easier for visitors to find the perfect place to stay. People are ditching the hotels and timeshares for a more private and casual option. They offer all sorts of living accommodations including houses, apartments, trailers, and more.

For those who want to do a little bit more research, there are also some strange options available for the public. Guests can stay in obscurely-shaped houses, glass cabins in the middle of the woods, and even a six-foot storage box. These are some of the oddest Airbnb locations on the planet.

Sleep Inside A Beagle at the Dog Bark Park Inn

No, you’re not hallucinating, those are actual giant Beagle dogs that double as hotels in Cottonwood, Idaho. The Dog Bark Park Inn is a bed and breakfast and an art gallery with rooms available on Airbnb. It was started by a husband and wife in 1997 who are self-taught chainsaw artists.

dog bark park inn

On top of running the inn and art gallery, the duo also makes personal wood carvings of dogs that their customers request. The Dog Bark Park Inn also features dog-themed games, puzzles, and books. Guests may even get to meet the dog who modeled for the inn who is owned by the husband and wife.

It Won’t Burst Your Bubble to Stay in a Bubble Suite

If someone is choosing to go to a scenic countryside the bubble suites may just be the perfect fit. They are located in Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico and each individual bubble has its own private bathroom, bed, and a great view of the vineyard.

bubble suites outside in mexico

A stay at the Campera Hotel is a one-of-a-kind experience with a one night stay costing around $180. Something unique about the bubbles is that they are climate controlled and have been tested to withstand the toughest of terrains.

The Mushroom Dome Cabin is the Top Airbnb Spot

The Mushroom Dome Cabin in Aptos, California is one of the most rented Airbnb spots in the world. It features a geodesic dome loft with a large deck and can fit up to three guests. One of the best parts of the cabin is that it sits high above the trees, so it stays hidden within nature.

mushroom dome cabin in a forest
Le Tuan Home Design/Getty Images
Le Tuan Home Design/Getty Images

Guests are free to pet the goats, chickens, cats, and miniature dog while enjoying the fresh air and sunshine around the cabin. Since it’s the top place to visit on Airbnb people need to make reservations far in advance to secure their stay.

Travel Back In Time In A Sheep Wagon

Deep in the heart of Wyoming, someone restored an almost 100-year-old sheep wagon. It’s now a functioning camper that can fit four guests with two beds, a kitchen, and a half-bathroom. Don’t think that when staying in the camper that you can’t roam the area.

a sheep wagon on the grass in wyoming

The sheep wagon is located on a family ranch that stretches for 65,000 acres where people can go fishing, hunting, hiking, biking, and stargazing. A one night stay in the RV costs around $125 per night and they also offer special packages for birthdays, anniversaries, and honeymoons.

Get Away From It All In A Joshua Tree Airstream

Those who love the outdoors will want to check out the airstreams in Joshua Tree, California. A few friends moved away from the bustling city of Los Angeles to create an authentic desert experience by transforming four trailers into unique living experiences.

an airstream with outside furniture in joshua tree

Their main goal was to have their space turned into a communal situation where like-minded people could meet, share their stories, and take in the nature that Joshua Tree has to offer. Each of the airstreams come with a hot tub, outdoor shower, outdoor kitchen, fireplace, and communal table. It’s filled with thrift store finds and handmade furnishings and decorations.

Have A Windmill All to Yourself

This windmill looks like it came out of a storybook. For $326 a night people can get the entire windmill to themselves. It’s located close to Amsterdam and includes three bedrooms, WiFi, a kitchen, a living room, an outdoor dining table, and two bathrooms.

a windmill in the countryside near amsterdam
Crik & Crak/Pinterest
Crik & Crak/Pinterest

Staying at a windmill is quite an educational experience because there’s so much to take in. People who’ve booked a trip here have said that they’ve woken up to donkeys and cows and that they love the picturesque landscape of the countryside.

Travel Under the Sea in This Seashell House

This seashell house would make anyone feel like a mermaid. Located on the cliffs of Isla Mujeres, Mexico, Casa Caracol is an elaborately-shaped home that visitors like to call an “island paradise.” It was designed by Raquel and Eduardo Ocampo and comes with a private pool, two king beds, a kitchenette, and a barbecue.

a house shaped like a seashell in mexico
Madame Macabre/Pinterest
Madame Macabre/Pinterest

There are a beach and snorkel park within a 15-minute golf cart ride and guests can enjoy the rich architecture throughout the cliffside. A one night stay at Casa Caracol costs about $307 and Raquel and her daughter are right next door in case visitors need anything.

A Famous Rock Star Loved the Gingerbread House

There are many reasons why someone would have a blast staying at the “Adorable Garden Gingerbread House” in Hana, Hawaii. It was originally a cottage from the 1930s that was remodeled with modern amenities and includes a kitchenette, custom-built bathroom, spacious bedroom, and an outdoor patio.

gingerbread house surrounded by trees

Guests might be surprised to find out that none other than famous rock star, Jimi Hendrix, stayed here when he was filming the movie Rainbow Bridge. A one night stay at this tropical paradise will cost around $175.

We’re Seeing Things in the Mirrored House

It’s difficult not to feel a bit out of sorts when entering the mirrored house located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Both the interior and exterior are completely covered in mirrors that range in all kinds of shapes and sizes. It was created by a couple named Martin and Jesha who are very passionate about their art.

a house where everything is covered in mirrors
Amanda Pekrol/Pinterest
Amanda Pekrol/Pinterest

Both of them have been said to be very accommodating and committed to making their guests feel as comfortable as possible. Visitors have all-access to the house including a vinyl collection, home theater, pond, garden, and porch.

The Smallest House in the World

The old woman who lives in a shoe would probably feel pretty at home in this Airbnb. This is a photo of the actual smallest house in the world right in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts. It’s bright green on the outside and contains a single bed and a small sink.

a rectangular green box on a busy street
Jessicaa Lewis/Pinterest

Another great thing about it is that it’s portable, so guests can take it wherever they want within city limits. The builder was inspired by the tiny house movement and even created a website called where people can see how it came into fruition.

Try Out a New Career at The Open Book

This Airbnb is more than just a place to stay. The Open Book in Wigtown, Scotland gives people from all over the world the chance to both live in and run their very own bookstore. It’s nestled right near the sea and comes with volunteers who will help you run the shop for a week or two.

the inside of a bookstore

The Open Book’s main purpose for setting this up is to “celebrate books, independent bookshops, and welcome people around the world to Scotland’s National Book Town.” Since they are a non-profit they only charge about $75 per night.

A Rustic Barn with a Hidden Love Nest

Anyone who is a fan of living like a cowboy will get a kick out of this rustic barn. It’s listed as a “love nest” on Airbnb because guests stay in a private room above the barn with a large deck off to the side.

a wooden barn with palm trees and a pony
The Daily Meal/Pinterest
The Daily Meal/Pinterest

To stay in theme with farming and barns there are some animals for guests to pet, snap pictures with, feed, and even take on hikes. The ranch also features a 25-foot swing and a saloon where people can get drinks and play pool. The love nest is praised for its quiet, calm, and comfortable atmosphere.

Save the Planet in an Earthship

Living off the grid just got easier at Studio Earthship in Taos, New Mexico. The builder of the home calls it an Earthship for multiple reasons including its ability to catch its own rainwater, create its own electricity, and that it will stay the same temperature year-round.

a funky-shaped home in new mexico
Miss Adventure/Pinterest
Miss Adventure/Pinterest

It was modeled after the work of famous architect Michael Reynolds, known for his environmental and Dr. Seuss-like designs. Almost everything about it is sustainable, constructed out of tires and recycled glass. The owners of the home encourage guests to participate in keeping it well maintained both inside and out.

See Colors From All Angles in This Glass Cabin

This little snippet in the photo of the “Cabana Floripa” in Florianopolis, Brazil is nothing compared to what it looks like in its entirety. This glass cabin is mainly made from recycled glass walls and bottles with colors that shoot out at all corners.

a multi-colored interior of a cabin
Siti Saad/Pinterest
Siti Saad/Pinterest

The cabin sits on top of a hill where those inside are able to get a 360-degree view of the terrain. It’s perfect for anyone who is interested in recycling, nature, and art and a one night stay comes to a little under $94.

Live Like an Eskimo in an Igloo

Airbnb offers people from around the world to stay in all sorts of different housing situations. Some may want to get away from the bustling city and this can easily be done by booking a trip to Austria to stay in an igloo.

an igloo home in the snow

Each of the igloos at Igloo Village Kuhtai come with extra-long beds with sheepskins and winter sleeping bags, LED lights, and air conditioning. Also, there’s an ice bar, snow golf, midnight Frisbee, and a communal lounge where guests can get to know each other.

Enjoy London Inside a Historic Clock Tower

One of the best parts of staying in England is getting to see the centuries-old architecture in all parts of the country. For those who want to make the most out of a trip to London, they should consider getting an Airbnb at the St Pancras International railway station.

the st pancras international clock tower in england
Architectural Digest/Pinterest
Wikimedia Foundation/Pinterest

The station has a suite located inside its iconic clock tower that offers views of many famous London landmarks including St Paul’s Cathedral and Kings Cross Station. The room comes with a large kitchen and dining room, a collection of books, and a loft bedroom.

This Airbnb is a Barrel of Fun

Beds can be placed in almost anything and in this location, the bed is anything but ordinary. There’s a town in Germany called Ostbevern where people can rent a bed in a beer barrel. This particular barrel was in use since the 19th century until 1995 when it was converted into a living space.

a wooden beer barrel with a bed inside

It may look small, but the space fits up to two people in a queen-size bed. Before climbing into bed guests can check out another refurbished barrel that was converted into a sauna and enjoy a malty beer made by the Potts Naturpark Brewery.

The Dragon House is Sure to Catch Your Eye

When guests arrive at this house in the English countryside they are greeted by a colossal dragon statue atop the chimney. The British homeowners were inspired to build the Dragon House after being inspired by a sketch from a Russian architect. It now serves as a bed and breakfast.

a large yellow house called the dragon house in england

A stay at the Dragon House guarantees a tour of the property, which is filled with unique artwork. Guests looking to book it should know that it costs about $480 a night. Visitors may be impressed to know that the home won the prestigious Homebuilding and Renovating Award in 2012.

Leave Your Worries Behind at Nanuku Island

There really is no size requirement to an Airbnb and that’s perfect for this relaxing spot. Nanuku Island in Fiji is a 10-acre paradise filled with coconut trees, a clear blue ocean with sea turtles, and a vast jungle floor. The greatest part about it is that it’s completely private.

nanuku island exterior with the ocean, mountains, and sky
Nanuku Fiji/Twitter
Nanuku Fiji/Twitter

The island comes with two Fijian-style beach-front homes equipped with bedrooms, a kitchen and dining area, bathrooms, and an outdoor seating area. For $500 a night island guests will get their own private cook and can take in some beach activities including volleyball, coconut husking, kayaking, snorkeling, turtle feeding, and music entertainment.

A Stay at This Lighthouse Gives You a View From the Top

Anyone who dreamed of living by the sea will be thrilled to know that there’s an Airbnb where guests can stay in a real lighthouse. Wings Neck Lighthouse in Pocasset, Massachusetts is nothing short of mesmerizing. The lighthouse includes a spiral staircase that leads up to the top where people can view the ocean at new heights.

wings neck lighthouse near the ocean
Jeremy D’Entremont/Flickr
Jeremy D’Entremont/Flickr

Not only is the view incredible, but the interior is luxurious as well. It’s complete with bright walls, a stone fireplace, and an attached ship wheel. Even though it was built in 1849 the lighthouse has been updated with modern amenities and will cost about $540 a night.