Travelers Share The Biggest Tourist Traps They’ve Come Across

When visiting a new city or planning a trip, most people like to hit all the major stops of the big cities. You might not want to come across as a typical tourist, but there’s a reason that places like the Eiffel Tower or tours of the Pyramids are so popular.

While you’re traipsing your way around these new cities, though, you need to be wary of people trying to take advantage of typical tourists and the spots that just aren’t worth your time.

These travelers have shared the traps they’ve encountered so you won’t have to.

Don’t Fall For The Ferry Fees

staten island ferry new york
Photo Credit: Mario Tama / Getty Images
Photo Credit: Mario Tama / Getty Images

“PSA: The Staten Island Ferry is FREE. If people are trying to charge you for tickets, they’re scam artists. If you’re traveling to New York, it’s worth visiting for the views, especially considering the cost, or lack thereof.”