Truly Delicious Japanese Foods You Must Try At Least Once

There’s more to Japanese food than westernized sushi and ramen, although those are also worth a taste. Whether you crave sweet or salty, fried or healthy, Japan’s streets are full of tasty treats that you need to make sure you try at least once!

Ramen Noodles

Photo Credit: Michele Blackwell / Unsplash
Photo Credit: Michele Blackwell / Unsplash

This wheat noodle soup dish can be found at almost every Japanese corner, even though it was originally imported from China.

Shoyu ramen is the most popular type of ramen. It has a clear, brown broth flavored with soy sauce. The soup is usually made of chicken broth but often has other meats like pork or fish, a hard-boiled egg, and vegetables like onion, mushrooms, bean sprouts, seaweed, and corn.