Animals That Are Much Larger Than You Ever Imagined

Have you ever gone to a basketball game and sat close to the floor for the first time, only to realize that the players are so much taller than you ever could have conceptualized on screen?

While we have a lot of basic knowledge on a wide array of wild animals, it’s hard to really grasp exactly how big they are. Here are some mind-blowing comparisons to give you some perspective on how big some animals actually are.

This Bison Weighs 3000 Pounds

person tagging bison, whose head is almost the size of the person
Photo Credit: Reddit / hootersbutwithcats
Photo Credit: Reddit / hootersbutwithcats

The person seen here is actually tagging and drawing blood to run a test on this bison. This bison is domesticated, but you should never approach one (or a herd) in the wild because they will win the fight.