A Tourist In Italy Made A Discovery That Baffled Historians

Most people go scuba diving to explore underwater life. The same was true for Stefano Mariottini, a chemist who was on vacation in southern Italy. Though he was not the most experienced of scuba divers, he learned the ropes well enough to spend the last day of his trip traversing the waters on his own. That’s when he stumbled upon something that he could not believe. The discovery spurred questions, and even conspiracies, from historians and experts around the world. Read on to unravel the mystery no one could have seen coming.

A Renowned Region Of Italy

A map indicates the Calabria region of Italy in red.

Our story takes place in the Riace Marina in the region of Calabria, Italy. The area is in Southern Italy; many find Italy to look like a boot, in which case Riace would be somewhere around the big toe.

The larger area of Calabria would be from the tip of the toe to about halfway up the heel, as shown in this image. This region is known for its ancient findings and has some of the earliest records of human life in Italy.