How Millennials Are Disrupting the Travel Industry

Millennials like their travel. They are the generation who are always dashing off between full-time jobs for long breaks or taking time out to find themselves between more casual work. There are loads of speculative reasons why people believe that millennials travel so often.

Some say it’s a reaction to the stability of their childhood, others claim that they are the generation who always strive to be different and some think that they’re doing it, well, because everyone else is. Either way, millennials are disrupting the travel industry and here’s how…

Millennials Want Transformational Trips

Hero Race obstacle course in Kazan, Russia
Photo by Yegor AleyevTASS via Getty Images
Photo by Yegor AleyevTASS via Getty Images

Unlike the generations before them, millennials aren’t as happy with just sitting on a beach for a week and then returning to normal life with a bit of a tan. No no, millennials want to experience the world, have their perspectives challenged and awaken their minds to a new way of life.

In this way, what they are after is often a more transformational holiday, that adds something to their life, rather than takes them away from their everyday existence. It’s an interesting distinction and one that has made the travel industry more diverse.