New Study Reveals The Least, Most Educated States In The Country

A good education can be a bridge between you and a better future. With a college degree, your chances of good opportunities significantly increase. Not only that, but you will see higher pay as well. Wallet Hub recently released an extensive study detailing the most and least educated states in the country. Their findings are significant because the type of education you receive matters a great deal as well. Wallet Hub compared all states across 20 total metrics which fell into two categories: educational attainment and quality of education. Here are the results.

Least Educated – West Virginia

WVU campus

In 2018, West Virginia was the least educated state in America. That’s a lot to take in for the folks that reside there. At the time, only about one in five adults held a bachelor’s degree. This year, the state improved.

West Virginia is now the second to last least educated region in the nation. They say that slow motion is better than no motion, so jumping up one spot is something to be cheerful about at the least.