The Most Overrated Tourist Attractions In The United States

There are countless tourist attractions scattered throughout the United States that draw in new visitors every year. People come from many miles away to get to see them in person, but these locales don’t always live up to expectations. Several spots are considered to be the best tourist attractions in the country, but when travelers get there they are severely let down. Instead of wasting time and money seeking out these tourist traps it may be better to skip them altogether. Read on for the most overrated tourist attractions in America.

Why A Germophobe Would Hate Washington’s Market Theater Gum Wall

two girls taking a selfie in front of a gum wall
George Rose/Getty Images
George Rose/Getty Images

One of the top tourist attractions in Seattle, Washington, might seem a bit gross to some people. Under Pike Place Market there’s a theater with a wall completely covered in gum, which became known as the Market Theater Gum Wall. The tradition began in 1993 when Seattle theatergoers stuck coins embedded in gum to the wall.

While it may be fun to visit the gum wall at first there are still some downsides. It was voted one of the top five germiest tourist attractions in the world and there isn’t much else to do besides taking photos or sticking another piece of gum on the wall.