Places On Earth With The Most Travel Restrictions

While exploring the world and traveling to new places is a lot of fun, there are some places you’re prohibited from ever visiting.

Whether they contain government secrets, house valuable items, or simply are too dangerous to outsiders, these places only allow a limited number of people to enter the premises.

Bank Of England Vaults, London, England

Queen Elizabeth II views stacks of gold as she visits the Bank of England
Photo Credit: Eddie Mulholland – WPA Pool / Getty Images
Photo Credit: Eddie Mulholland – WPA Pool / Getty Images

The Bank of England is one of the most powerful institutions in the United Kingdom; it sets interest rates and issues banknotes in the British currency. It takes three-foot-long keys to open the vaults, which hold 5,134 tonnes of gold worth £200 billion.

Visiting is strictly off-limits unless you’re a member of the security team, an employee, or the queen.