After Nearly 200 Years Buried On The Ocean Floor, This Is What Scientists Found Left Of HMS Terror

HMS Terror was an English warship that that was lost to the depths of the ocean in 1845. Originally launched in 1813, the vessel served during the War of 1812 before eventually being converted into a polar exploration ship.

It was on this ill-fated journey into the cold that HMS Terror sank, becoming lost to time. In 2016, nearly 200 years later, a group of divers discovered the remains of the ship, and this is what they found.

The Polar Expedition

terror arctic expedition
Bettmann/Getty Images
Bettmann/Getty Images

HMS Terror and HMS Erebus set sail from England in 1845 to explore the Arctic. The goal of the expedition was simple — continue to map the Northwest Passage while gathering magnetic data.

The reality of how difficult the expedition was, however, was unprecedented. There were an estimated 130 crew members between both ships, all being led by Arctic explorer Sir John Franklin. Both ships were lost, and no one ever made back home to tell their tale.