The Most Unusual Pigeons You’d Actually Like To See In Your City

When you think of pigeons, you would typically imagine the classic pigeons you see harassing people at the park, but did you know that there are well over 30 species of pigeons, in all shapes, sizes, and colors?

Pigeons are birds that are often overlooked, but they deserve more hype. They’ve been trained to read words, interpret paintings, and are even thought to be good at identifying cancers, plus they’re pretty impressive to look at!

Pink-Necked Green Pigeon Here To Prove You Wrong

pink necked pigeon
Photo Credit: Flickr / Chris Lim
Photo Credit: Flickr / Chris Lim

If you thought that pigeons could only ever be gray and boring, the pink-necked green pigeon (as well as every other pigeon you’re about to see) is here to prove you wrong.