Things On This Planet That Aren’t As Natural As You’d Think

Of course, there are a lot of things that we know aren’t totally natural: buildings, cities, and things around us are recognizably created by or impacted by humans. However, some things you would never expect are actually the result of human meddling.

Here are things on our planet that are not-so-natural phenomena.

Coconut Trees Aren’t Native To North America Or The Caribbean

Coconut palm tree, empty sunbeds, sailing boat  at the white sandy beach of luxury Resort and Hotel Cape Santa Maria
Photo Credit: EyesWideOpen / Getty Images
Photo Credit: EyesWideOpen / Getty Images

Although coconut trees grace tropical beaches all over the world, they actually aren’t native to anywhere in North America, South America, parts of Africa, or the Caribbean, where we see them today. All the coconut palm trees were introduced by humans who brought them over from Southern Asia.