Weird Laws You Don’t Want To Break Around The World

What some people take for granted, others may have to pay for. We’re not talking about serious crimes, here.

Find out where you might get fined for frowning, or worse…for putting ketchup on everything. Actually, that one should be a crime anyway—you’re ruining he flavor!

Whatever You Do While Drunk In Scotland, Just Don’t Get On A Cow

Photo: Doruk Yemenici / Unsplash
Photo: Doruk Yemenici / Unsplash

Thanks to the Licensing Act of 1872, it’s illegal to ride a cow while drunk, or you could be looking at a £200 fine and almost a year in jail. Well, drunk driving a car is illegal, so why should this be any different, right? Especially because the “car” is also alive in this case.