Visitors Can’t Relax At The World’s Most Dangerous Beaches

Many people visit the beach to relax and enjoy themselves. But on some beaches, it’s impossible to relax. Shorelines across the world are so treacherous that governments warn tourists to stay away.

Some beaches have tall cliffs that can collapse at any moment. Others are infested with snakes or crocodiles. On one beach in the Bahamas, planes fly dangerously close to the people lounging on the sand. Keep reading to learn about the world’s most dangerous beaches.

Airplanes Fly Dangerously Close To Maho Beach

A French airliner flies directly above Maho Beach in the Caribbean. Images Group via Getty Images Images Group via Getty Images

Maho is a tiny beach in the Caribbean that is surrounded by coral. But the coral does not contribute to the danger factor; the real risk is airplanes that frequently flow low to the ground. Oftentimes, tourists get blown into the water from a jet blast.

The airplanes are aiming to land on the runway of Princess Juliana International Maho Airport, which is only a few miles from the beach. If you’re afraid of planes, steer clear of Maho Beach.