Cultural Conveniences From Around The World That Americans Should Copy

Across the world, people have come up with ideas that folks from other countries would never have thought of. Although Americans pride themselves on being advanced, we have a ways to go. Many people have traveled to other countries, seen their culture and technology, and thought, “Why don’t we do that?”

These ideas can make life far more convenient and efficient. Some countries offer free wifi everywhere, and one city transformed a bus stop into a musical swing set. Here are cultural conveniences from around that world that Americans should adopt.

Japanese Heated Mirrors

A heated square clears the fog in the middle of a mirror.

In 2018, a Redditor revealed a part of their Japanese hotel room that all American hotels should adopt. A section of their mirror was heated. You would never notice until you showered; the heated part of the mirror remained clear while the rest of the room fogged up.

Heated mirrors would remove many streaks from people swiping the glass to comb their hair. If the room had a heat switch, people could turn it on to warm up during the shower and not waste electricity. Where are our heating mirrors, America?