Hotel Staff Share The Worst Things Guests Left Behind

You will not believe the absurd things guests assume they can get away with because they’re paying for a hotel room. It makes you wonder what kind of home they live in.

From hiding pizza in drawers to fully trying to steal a couch from their hotel room, you’ll finally understand why we can’t have nice things.

They Thought The $7K Cleanup Would Be Included

ice cream
Photo Credit: Brooke Lark / Unsplash
Photo Credit: Brooke Lark / Unsplash

“It was a family retreat/kids’ birthday party. They had decided to have a fully stocked ice cream bar and allowed the kids to do what they wanted with it. M&M’s crushed into the carpet, chocolate footprints on the walls, and whipped cream everywhere.

“In total, we had to charge them about $7k in damages, which they took to court because they thought ‘the cleanup would be included, that’s why we did it at a hotel!'” -TheWastelandWizard

“Hotel” isn’t a synonym for “garbage can,” so you can maybe trash your own house next time.