How Going On A One-Week Vacation Together Made Me Lose My Best Friend

It’s one of those things that you always talk about excitedly: packing up your things and heading on a vacation with your best friend for a week of pure, unfiltered fun.

The planning stage seems to fly by, and before you know it, you’re standing together with your boarding passes in hand walking onto the plane thinking that it’s all smooth sailing from here.

Well, in my case, I was wrong.

It Started Out Just Fine

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Photo Credit: Pexels / Andrew Neel
Photo Credit: Pexels / Andrew Neel

After talking about talking a hypothetical vacation together for months, I stumbled across a cheap price for an all-inclusive vacation to Cuba a couple of weeks out. By some miracle, we ended up both being able to take vacation time from our jobs in the middle of winter, and we were booked in minutes.